A Stranger’s Story

Lil more about me

Hi friends, I'm Pessi.

A Brooklyn-based/traveling photographer specializing in natural light photography.

 I got into photography so that I could learn to capture moments so tender, words fail to articulate them. I recall the need to share beautiful scenes with loved ones, and the frustration of my inability to depict that sense of wonder and world of feeling that come along with a beautiful scene. 

The onset of Covid, a time that left us all closeted in our homes, allowed me to finally take a photography course...over zoom! So much of photography, much like other skills, is learned through practice. Not having many subjects to practice on, I became my own muse. Taking self portraits has been a very healing way for me to celebrate myself.

Today, a goal I have as a photographer, is to allow others to witness their own beauty. 

Before every session, I make sure to learn about my clients so that I can tell their stories in ways that truly reflect who they are.

Getting to know each other and share a common vision is essential to my process, so I always make sure that we have the chance to bond over FaceTime/ (or coffee!) to discuss vision, location, styling recommendations and more.

A little bit more about me — I have a Bachelors in psychology...and years of experience in fashion styling and design. I know!!! Those two do not go together. 

I'm telling ya'll this why?

Because those two completely random areas of expertise have helped me create a very specific style in photography. I notice details... lots of them. The ones most people don't pay attention to. The way your little one crunches his freckled nose when he needs you, how your left dimple gets deeper when your lover holds your hand... I see that.  

Years from now you won't only want to see posed pictures on your wall. You'll want to remember your baby's first cry; a sign of life. You'll cherish mama's wrinkles and baby brothers laugh lines. Let me capture the beautiful things that make you, you. Little hint, it's not perfection, it's realness.

with love, Pessi

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