A Stranger’s Story

Family/ Homegrown sesh

Making love to small moments with you and yours.

The homegrown session is nostalgic, tender and incorporates lots of movement. Picture this: loud laughter echoing through your home, little feet running around, and messy smooches. This session is local to NYC and is  1  hour with a gallery of all the best images (50-65 photos). Your investment: $600.00, alternatively if you are wanting a more relaxed photoshoot for a  flexible 2-3 hours, I'd recommend the Kinfolk package for just $1,100!

Getting personal :Before we start, let's have a cozy chat over Zoom. I want to get to know you better—your kiddos' names, your favorite family activities, and the quirks that make your family unique.

Location: I’ll come to your home / or help u find a location. I’ll help you with the styling,& even send you outfit links! 

Capturing memories: From giggles and tickles to quiet cuddles, I love to capture genuine moments of connection and love.

In this space, there's no room for stiff poses or forced smiles. Instead, we'll embrace the chaos—the messy hair, the mismatched socks, the untamed spirit of childhood. Through my lens, I'll capture the raw beauty of your family's connections—moments of joy, tears, and everything in between.

Did you know? I shoot film too.


Film:1 roll of 35mm film that I photograph in between moments. This is delivered together with your digital gallery! $75

Home video: Imagine a one-minute film reel of your family, captured through the lens of a vintage camcorder, preserving the essence of who you are. It's not just any video—it's a glimpse into the most precious moments, the laughter, the love, the quirks that make your family uniquely yours. And for just $100, you'll have this timeless treasure to hold onto forever.

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